Happy Thanksgiving! I’m bringing a cold to dinner. And I’ll tell you what I’m doing.

I got a cold just in time for Thanksgiving! It’s not too bad, just enough to make me intolerable in public.

I debuted my one-woman play, Live from My Shit Hole Apartment, at SoloCom this past weekend. I thought it was a disaster, like everything I do, but it went well. My friend Kayt said it was the best thing she’s ever seen me do, and she’s very judgmental.

If you’re interested in seeing what I did or did not do during my show (Live from My Shit Hole Apartment, a musical talk show sit com set in a pet cemetery that is also a shitty apartment), I posted some stuff on my Youtube Channel. The camera that was recording the show broke before I went on stage, in protest.

I have some musical comedy, readings and burlesque gigs coming up, dates TBD. I have some literature being published?

I’m going to Milwaukee for a week in December, I guess to be more sick. If anyone knows about any comedy things to do there, tell me! [email protected]